Links Worth Visiting...

These are the links to my other pages, causes I believe in, and people who have helped spread the word about the Cracked Porcelain project.  All of these pages are worth a visit.  If you have linked me to your page, please feel free to let me know in the Talk Back section and I will be sure to link you back.  Provide me with your page URL, where the link is located, and whether or not you have a banner.  If you are running a fundraiser or similar project, I'd also love to help you out. 



6.58: Musings of a Strange Little Girl: My Zine, published entirely online for free. Feel free to check out my rants, rambles, poetry and musings.

The Raspberry Spark: A Tori Amos page: My page about Tori Amos, including numerous lyrics, photo galleries, information, links, song interpretations and more.

Secrets Swollen So Sore: A Self-Injury Self-Help Manual: As part of a seminar course during my psychology studies, I completed a self-help manual for self-injurers. I feel very strongly about aiding self-injurers, having struggled with the disorder myself. I urge you, injurer or not, to learn more about this battle over 2 million Americans alone face.

Which Empire Records Character are you Quiz?: Yeah I made a quiz. Go have fun!


Satan's Panties!: The fabulous zine by my dear friend Alli. She's amazing and is co-running the Bay Area RAINN event, among other fundraisers.

Alisha Parker: Alisha is a wonderful soul and talented writer. Her site is still in progress but keep checking back.


RAINN: The Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network: An organization with a toll free help line for survivors or abuse and rape. They are fabulous and run entirely on donations. They do not serve Canada at this time, or my donations would be directed there. Please check them out.

The Bay Area RAINN event: A party being thrown to raise money for RAINN. Awesome folks, awesome cause.