Please note that at this time, the final costs have yet to be determined, and therefore, I am not currently accepting solid orders. I don't feel right asking anyone to order something for which they are unsure of the price. However, I am expecting the final costs of the book to be approximately $20 US without shipping, but I am aiming lower. I want the project to be affordable.

THAT SAID, I AM ACCEPTING PRE-ORDERS from those who wish to express an early interest. This is to your benefit for the following reasons:

1) You will be added to a mailing list that will be kept up to the very second on the development of the book and costs, as well as the first print date.
2) You will have an opportunity to receive your copy first, above all later orders
3) If you wish to purchase multiple copies to sell/raffle at a fundraiser e.g. a RAINN bash like the Bay Area Rainn Event, I can work to complete your order in time for your bash date within reason, and may also be able to provide copies for raffle.
4) Last, you're not obligated to purchase so it can't hurt!

Below is the link to the pre-order form. All pre-orders will be confirmed by email so you can be sure I did get your request. If you experience any glitches with the form, post in the bulletin board at Talk Back.