Wise, loving and protective... If you were a StrangeLittleGirl, you would be....

I'm Enjoy the Silence
Enjoy the Silence.

You tend to be the mother hen in your circle of friends.  You're there with advice learned over the years to help those unsure of where to go, and you often try to keep those around you safe.  You have a lot of insight, and seem rather old because of it.  You tend to be very expressive of your emotion, usually through action as opposed to words.  You are usually rather calm, but grow fierce when someone tries to harm a loved one.  Sometimes, friends find you a bit smothering because you tend to not let them make their own mistakes.  You have learned well from your mistakes, haven't you?  Sometimes, we need to learn things by trial and error.  Your friends have nothing to fear though;  even when they fail, you'll be there to keep them safe in your arms.  

"Words are meaningless and unforgettable"

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