Which Finger Eleven song would you be?


For those not in the know, finger eleven is an awesome hard rock band from Canada.  I adore them.  They write good tunes and are also amazing nice guys in person.  So even if you don't know who they are take the quiz anyway because I say so.  *L*

For lyrics downloads and info about the boys check out finger eleven's official site

So, how are you today?:

Pissed off. So get out of my face
Depressed or Pessimistic
Hopeful, for a change
I could use some advice and help

When having a bad day, you

Talk it over with your friends
Keep it to yourself
Contemplate suicide or take a nice drink of the bottle. It’s all my fault
Throw things around. GRRRR!

How’s your love life?

It’s been shitty in the past but it’s improving
I don’t have one. I have too many issues. I drive them away.
I think my lover is cheating on me
I’m never honest enough to keep someone around

You hear about a plane crash on the news. Your first thought?

Bet they’re all dead. That sucks
Probably another terrorist. We really need to take a stand these days and be involved in the world
I hope everyone’s okay

What’s your take on religion?

People sit around and wait to be saved when they really should look inside themselves and realize they can save themselves
I still have faith in things... surprisingly.
Like Tori Amos says, “God sometimes you just don’t come through”
I don’t care much either way

When hanging with your friends, you feel:

Fake. You are always putting on an act, hiding your pain
Enjoy their company. We’ve been through a lot of tough times, and we’re still here.
Like a leader. I try and encourage them to take control of their destiny
I always feel like I’m not good enough to them, or for them

Choose the line that fits you best.

“I’ll get away from you. Wait and I’ll be begging”
“I’ve done my worst and no one knows”
“The poison flower comes uncurled”
“This paradise was nothing new, but the paradise gets tired of you”
“I needed a stage to walk all over you”
“Judge the distance from the ground and pray”
“Never telling how I felt was all I ever cared about”
“What flesh will do to you, will do to me too”

How do you feel about yourself?

I hate myself. I always fuck up.
I’ve made mistakes. But I’m not all bad
I’m a strong person who’s made it through a lot.
I’m stupid and foolish for believing in people

Pick one of the following: Which would you be most likely to do?

Smashing a mirror
Starring in a circus
Drowning in your own tears
Be tortured by memories
Crawl on the floor
Jump off a tall building with no intent to die
Take back bad things you’ve said in the past
Drop the ball.

If you were a song would you be:

Mostly loud and angry
Softer sounding, with occasional harder moments

If you were dying of a terminal illness, you:

Would hide it from your friends. They don’t need to know
Enjoy every last minute and face death with a sense of acceptance
Fight til the end to keep going and extend your life
Be happy. Finally. I can die.
Be really bitter. Why me?

Please make sure you've answered all the questions!
Code adapted from colleenÆs quiz tutorial