Confused, world-weary and alone... If you were a StrangeLittleGirl, you would be....

I'm Strange Little Girl
Strange Little Girl.

Your life has never been easy.  You grew up in a home that wasn't the most loving or kind, and was perhaps downright abusive.  You've always been just a little too different, not quite like the others.  You often walk through crowds of people and feel like a foreigner in a strange land.  When things get too hard for you, your instinct is to run:  run away to another place, run away into the safe corners of your mind, run to someone new.  People often describe you as wise beyond your years, because you know too much.  You feel much older than you are, and life seldom holds true joy.  You need to escape the cell you've made in your mind, and live without the strains of the past.

"She found all things cold..."

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