JULY 26, 2002
Cracked Porcelain will be available for a brief time for a sale price!! Discounts for all areas available. Order before August 10th and save!!! The Canadian price is down $2, US with air shipping is down $1.50 and hey even international customers save 0.50 before shipping! Order now!

JUNE 25, 2002
3 orders so far - go me or something. Be advised that I am RAISING THE PRICE AFTER JULY 21ST SO ORDER NOW! Prices are now listed on the order page with shipping included. Payment options are paypal, money order, or others only with my permission.

JUNE 20, 2002
The order form is now up and ready to use. Translation: BUY THE BOOK PLEASE!

Book status: Done. Finished. Finito.

JUNE 7, 2002
I've contacted my crisis centre andthey are thrilled at my plans. Have decided that the cheapest copy place is going t be my campus one. I'll crank out exact costs by early next week when the ORDER page goes up!! Updated links page. Added hit counter

Book status: THE BOOK IS DONE EXCEPT THE COVER. COVER to be completed this weekend. Demo copy going to print this week. Final figures: 130 pages, 95 poems.

JUNE 1, 2002
Still fixing the pre-order page. I've put up a FAQ for you to check out, which also lists the tentative list of poems to be included in the book. The length is insane so I am considering removing a few and foregoing adding additional writing to cut costs for both you and me. :)

Book status: All poems tentatively scheduled to be in the book have been layed out. Final ordering has begun. :)

MAY 29, 2002
Everything EXCEPT the preorder form and ordering info page is up and running. You can now check out samples of the poetry to be included in the book and other fun stuff.

Book status: Nothing tonight. Tonight was Frontpage night *L*

MAY 28, 2002
Have added a bulletin board to the site for people to contact me and ask questions and all sorts of good stuff. Check out the new Talk Back section

Book status: few more poems layed out. Samples will be up by early tomorrow - sorry about the delay!

MAY 26, 2002
Page loaded and launched..  Woohoo!  Samples should be uploaded within the next 48 hours.  Inquiring into billpoint payment option for later orders.

Book status:  Layout and design complete for half the final project.