Which Tori Amos B-Side Would You Be?


This quiz allows you to discover which, out of a select number of fan favourites, is the Tori Amos B-Side that fits you best.  Answer all of the questions honestly.  If you find yourself divided on an answer, it may be necessary to re-take the quiz to get the most accurate result.  Even if you're not a Tori Amos fan, take the quiz anyway and go with your gut reaction.  Have fun!

Hey!  How are you today?:

Fine, for a change. Wow.
How am I? Thatís not important. How are YOU?
Iím absolutely great! Wheee!
Donít bother trying to come onto me. Iím nobodyís to control
Um..... okay.... sort of.... maybe not....

So tell me:  how's your love life?

Itís sorta like a great big cherry on a pineapple ice cream sundae, ya know?
Love is so important to me, but family and friends matter most
Iím in a relationship. Itís a little scary but Iím happy
Actually, I recently broke up with someone. Things change so fast....
They ditched me for someone new but fuck Ďem. I donít need them
Iím feeling rather sensual..... and demanding. Care to please me?
Weíre together but somehow, thereís this distance... Iím afraid Iíll end up alone
I avoid relationships.... people tend to hurt me

Which of the following describes you best?


Which of the following appeals most to you?

Teaching a jerk a good lesson
Visiting family
Working in a crisis centre
Spending time with my love
Sitting alone trying to figure myself out
Strolling around town in an outrageous outfit - I love being the centre of attention
Getting away from myself. Somehow
Anything, as long as itís what I want and Iím doing it for me.

Your lover tells you theyíre leaving you for someone else. Your reaction:

Iím devastated. I sit and cry and ask them how they could do this to me
Heíll be sorry. The grass is never greener on the other side
Oh heíll be sorry alright.... just wait til he sees what I cook up
Ask my family and friends for advice. They always know what to do
Iím devastated but Iíll be okay somehow..... I have to be.
Run. Far far away. Escape the whole mess
Iím upset but I move on. I am stronger than this.
My life always ends up like this. Everything is always a chaotic mess. Thatís why I donít trust people easily.

If you were a song, what would you be most likely to be about?

Strength in Adversity
I'd be fun, something a little different
Iíd probably be a little on the angry side
Confusion, depression

Pick one of the following - whichever suits you best

A Snowflake
Breakfast.  Yum!
An afternoon with a dear family member, alive or dead
Being loved by those you love
Swaying to sultry music
Red hair
Horseback Riding
A Silver Party Dress

Which Tori Amos lyric do you relate to MOST?

"Hey, do you know what this is doing to me? Here, in my head."
"If Iím hanging on to your shade, I guess Iím way beyond the pale"
"Two can play, I said."
"Is it right butterfly? They like you better framed and dried"
"Why does there gotta be a sacrifice?"
"She had a January world - so many storms not right somehow"
"Hello Mr. Zebra - ran into some confusion with a Mrs. Crocodile"
"When you gonna love you as much as I do?"

Which ERA of Tori's music do you relate to best?

Little Earthquakes
Under the Pink
Boys for Pele
From the Choirgirl Hotel

And last: which of these Tori Amos songs is your favourite?

Here. In My Head
Silent All These Years
Jackie's Strength
Blood Roses

Please make sure you've answered all the questions!