Romantic, devious and adaptable... If you were a StrangeLittleGirl, you would be....

I'm Heart of Gold
Heart of Gold  .

You're a sucker for romance at heart, but you often place work before your social life, which tends to lead to failed relationships.  To you, it's always business, never personal - which is great as far as your boss is concerned, but may lead you to neglect your partners.  You often move from relationship to relationship, searching forever for the kind of love that will make you stop everything.  Some people describe you as devious, because you are often able to manipulate and fool people with very little effort.  You're definitely the best person to hold a surprise party because you would NEVER give it away!  You're rather strong willed and good with words - you'd probably make a good lawyer.  You're also quick to adapt to any situation, another reason you are a successful person when you try.  You need to find more balance in life, and feed your emotional side sometimes, instead of your bank account.      

"It's such a fine line...."

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